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JIWA board

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Size L  cm - W  cm
Color whitewash
Material suar wood

The JIWA boards are made from wood, carved by hand, burned and whitewashed to achieve that special look. We couldn't resist to turn our favorite bowls into boards! Enjoy your coffee in bed on this special piece or use it as wall panel. So many ways to use this beauty. And you will never get tired of looking at it.
The story of the name is still the same... JIWA means 'soul' in Indonesian. Each soul is different and unique, just like our boards. Feel the textures and you will sense the story, the hard work and the passion that hides in it. Cracks in the wood and small imperfections are to be expected and not considered as flaws.

Please note that all our products are 100% handcrafted and mostly made from natural materials. Size, shape and color can therefore differ slightly. We believe that this only adds to the originality and charm of each piece.
Imperfection is beautiful.

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