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IRA bamboo box set of 5 XL/L/M/S/XS

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Size XL: L 42 cm x W 42 cm x H 32 cm
L: L 36 cm x W 36 cm x H 28 cm
M: L 21 cm x W 21 cm x H 14 cm
S: L 24 cm x W 24 cm x H 16 cm
XS: L 28 cm x W 28 cm x H 22 cm
Colors grey | white | green | pink
Material bamboo

 Set of 5 bamboo boxes in different sizes.

Please note that all our products are 100% handcrafted and mostly made from natural materials. Size, shape and color can therefore differ slightly. We believe that this only adds to the originality and charm of each piece.
Imperfection is beautiful.

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