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ARVA Living products are made under non-factory working conditions. Our artisans have their own small workshops and determine when and where they work. Some of them work from home. It’s more flexible and they are able to take care of their families while creating an additional income during their spare time. They also set their own prices as we support fair trade only!

All goods are 100% handmade with love and no two pieces are the same. You can literally see and feel the passion. It is our goal to promote the creativity and skills of local artisans and to show their talent. Thereby we preserve their culture and traditional art.

ARVA Living is for socially responsible and environmentally conscious consumers. We provide a sustainable alternative to mass-produced home decor and accessories. We want you to know where your goods are from, how they are made and who made them. We believe in trust, honesty and mutual respect.

Made with love, meant to be loved.

Support slow production and shop authentic!


making of the jiwa bowls

CHRIS - the master of woodcarving

Chris comes from Sumba and makes our gorgeous wooden bowls & plates. After the bowls have been worked out with the lathe, he carefully draws a pattern on each. They all turn out differently, straight from his creative mind. On the photos you can see the process of the carving, entirely done by hand. Many times we've been asked how that special look is achieved. The secret is, that our bowls are burned and whitewashed after the carving is complete. This procedure emphasizes the beautiful textures and gives the elegant grey patina. It almost seems like stone, but it is still wood! Each bowl and plate is an unique masterpiece. I have a big crush on them since the first time that I saw them. Can you resist?

making of the jiwa bowls 2 making of the jiwa bowls 3

making of the ana decor pineapples

ILUH - the pineapple lady

When I asked her for a picture she said: "Am I a photo model now?" - Yes girl, look at that smile! Iluh runs a little family-owned workshop from her home in Bali. At her place I finally found the most beautiful shaped pineapples, handmade from albesia wood. With all the details and not perfectly painted, they are so authentic! The black & white version is our own ARVA Living design and you won't find it anywhere else.

making of the ana decor pineapples 2

making of the frames 1

POLOS - the frame maker

And an adorable person! He doesn't speak a lot of English and I don't speak a lot of Indonesian, but we managed to understand each other very well. Every time I came to meet Polos in his workshop, his son rushed to bring me an ice cold coke. Perfect in this heat! Despite his disability, the son helps in the workshop and I definitely love his sense for hospitality. It is just incredible to watch them carving all those detailed ornaments with such tremendous ease.

making of the frames 2

making of the tribal necklaces

KUTA - the restless creative

Kuta comes from Sulawesi and her name is funnily the same like the biggest party town of Bali. However, she does not party all day and night. She is a real hustler with a big heart. She is constantly caring for others who have less, and since she does not have her own family (yet), she sometimes invites the kids from the orphanage next to her home. She loves cooking, but she says it would not be worth cooking for her alone. Because in Indonesia you always cook a lot. Enough for a whole bunch of kids. And so everyone is happy. On each of my trips, I pack my suitcase full of children's clothes to donate them there. I hope to be soon able to support them more through ARVA Living and start some charity projects. What I like most with working with Kuta, is her endless creativity and her unbelievable drive. And her patience when I am being indecisive (please forgive me :D ). On the picture she crochets a small purse. Unfortunately it is not available in our shop yet. In the meantime...

making of the tribal necklaces 2 making of the tribal necklaces 3
making of the tribal necklaces 5 making of the tribal necklaces 6

DEWI - the queen of knit & crochet

Dewi is Balinese and works together with Kuta. You won't imagine how skilled she is with wool and needles! I must admit, I am a bit jealous. For me it would take days and probably look miserable. She knits with such an ease and perfection, as if she was born for it. Dewi has two daughters, so it is convenient for her to work from home. You can see them in the background. They just came home from school and were so excited about being on the photos as well! My favorite pieces from Dewi & Kuta are the MIAH bowls and the SURI necklace.

making of the tribal necklaces 4

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